Technologies for the regeneration of textile fibres 

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Ioncell F

Ioncell-F technology converts wood into textiles without harmful chemicals.

It is an environmentally friendly alternative to water-intensive cotton production. In addition, the process has the potential to revolutionise recycling of textile waste, turning waste cotton into upcycled high-quality, high-end fibre. 



Recycled PET pellets and an innovative catalyst are driving sustainable developments in polyester recycling.

There is a great need to convert material not qualified for reuse into high value virgin textile fibre, thereby realising the sustainable utilisation of textile resources.                                     



Contemporary recycling methods often produce poor quality products, particularly with thermoset composites.

To resolve this problem, recyclable thermoset composites are being developed, made with fabrics obtained from waste textiles and epoxy or polyurethane resins.