Trash-2-Cash at Milan Design Week 2018

Paper authors Wencke Gwozdz (second from left) and Tina Müller (third from left) at the T-2-C workshop in Bilbao

Each year Milan is the key destination for both fashion and design and Trash-2-Cash was there at Design Week 2018 once again showing off the progress made over the previous 12 months.

Part of the Smart City: Materials, Technology & People exhibition at the Materials Village, organised by Trash-2-Cash project partner Material Connexion Italia, on display was the story of Trash-2-Cash and the latest prototype materials to emerge from the project.

Professor Becky Earley, of Trash-2-Cash partner UAL, also gave a presentation as part of the exhibition’s programme of talks.

Titled “Circular Conversations: Fashioning a Circular Industry", Becky talked about her background, career and practice, and presented the work of the University's Centre for Circular Design (a textile and fashion sustainability research centre of which Becky is co-Founder and co-Director) focussing on Trash-2-Cash and its sister project Mistra Future Fashion.