Here at Trash-2-Cash, we love podcasts. We like funny ones, serious ones, and inspiring ones. We like hearing people talk about their passions, and the opportunity to delve deeper than a blog post allows. So, we decided to start podcasting too.

At first our podcast series explored the people, methods and tools involved in the Trash-2-Cash (T2C) project, setting up the 'big picture' of our world. Once we reached the outcomes phase of the project we began to host in-depth discussions about the impact these will have on the world. 

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Rebecca Earley, Kate Goldsworthy, Rosie Hornbuckle and Brad Turner


In this, our final podcast, specially prepared for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Disruptive Innovation Festival (DIF) 2018, we’ve taken highlights from each of the podcasts in the series to tell the story of Trash-2-Cash through the words of the scientists, researchers, academics, manufacturers and designers involved. We also reflect back on the unveiling of the project results at Dutch Design Week and the reception received.

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Christian Tubito (Material Connexion Italia)


At Milan Furniture Fair this May, Professor Becky Earley of UAL sat down with project facilitator Christian Tubito of Material Connexion Italia to reflect on the successes and challenges of the project and what they were hoping to achieve at the Dutch Design Week exhibition.

He talks about his background and work in material innovation and design strategy, what it was like to collaborate with so many partners in a Design Driven Material Innovation process and his time travelling adventures up and down the project GANTT chart!

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Giada Dammaco (GradoZero)


As a designer at the forefront of materials innovation for bespoke product prototyping, Giada Dammacco's material world involves words like 'piezo-electric', 'double-face' and 'shape-shifting'. 

Here she talks to Rebecca Earley about the unique interdisciplinary set-up within the  organisation she co-founded - GradoZero - how her interest in circularity brought her into the Trash-2-Cash project and how continual learning feeds her design and materials innovation process.

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Cansu Musaoğlu (Söktaş)


In the latest T2C podcast, Professor Becky Earley speaks to Cansu Musaoğlu formerly head of the dyeing department at Turkish textile producer and T2C partner Söktaş.

Recorded upon the conclusion of T2C Workshop 8 in Bilbao, Spain, Becky and Cansu discuss the drivers of sustainability for Söktaş, the importance of sustainability to their customers and how Design Driven Material Innovation (DDMI) has given Söktaş’ R&D department a completely new perspective and approach.

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Gustav Sandin (RISE)

WRGustav_adjusted higher res.jpg

Researcher Gustav Sandin explains how the Lifecycle Assessment tool can be used to determine the impact of everyday products like jeans or hospital gowns, services like clothing libraries, or processes like the washing of clothes.

It’s about understanding the entire context of the product or service, not just the materials they’re made from. Gustav’s work identifies where the hot spots are, and how these might be managed out to make a real and measurable difference.

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Michael Hummel (Aalto)

T2C_michael .png

Cellulose Spaghetti’ is the first podcast to feature one of our science partners. Dr Michael Hummel is part of the Aalto Chem team working on chemically dissolving waste to produce new, high quality textile fibres. The Ioncell-F process they’ve developed won the 2015 Global Change Award, and Michael explains more about the process, and potential impact in the podcast.

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Matilda Laitila (Reima)


In this podcast, Becky Earley catches up with Matilda Laitila - an R&D Project Manager at cool Finnish Children’s brand Reima. For more than 70 years Reima has been supplying cosy clothing encouraging people to play outdoors, no matter the weather.

Through projects like Trash-2-Cash Reima intends to continue being the world’s leading expert in outdoor clothing for children. It’s also important for T2C to have industry partners who are at the ‘coal face’ of performance wear, to make sure fibres we develop in the project will be commercially viable in that sector.  

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Tina Mueller (CBS)


In this podcast, Tina Mueller of Copenhagen Business School explains why the Intention-Behaviour gap is important in understanding consumer perceptions of recycled goods. To learn more about social marketing and sustainability research from the customer's perspective, go to iTunes or Soundcloud to listen. 

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Julie Hornix (VanBerlo)

T2C_julie_final copy.png

During the Milan workshop, Professor Becky Earley (UAL) sat down with Julie Hornix (VanBerlo) to talk social design, megatrends, and summer reading recommendations. You candownload the podcast on iTunes or Soundcloud now! 

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